As a qualified Personal Trainer, Veer embarked in the fitness industry for his passion to help people live a happy and healthier life through exercise and nutrition. It is his belief that exercise should be a vital part of every person’s lifestyle no matter what age. Having been through a personal weight loss of 25kgs 8 years ago gives Veer a clear understanding of the challenges along the way, taking this into perspective a systematic and knowledgeable approach is implemented by him to guarantee you efficient results. He understands everybody has a unique bio-signature and custom designs programs to deliver optimal performance.

Having over 7 years of international experience (mainly in Australia) within the industry and being a sportsman for over 15 years has given Veer a great understanding of the human body and its functions. From coaching the average person to athletes he has a vast amount of knowledge about Health and fitness to help one achieve their desired goals. He says movement is one of the most amazing gifts we have and should be practised on a day to day basis to keep the mind and body rejuvenated, considering today’s highly stressful life.

Working alongside accredit physiotherapist, Exercise physiologist and successful health and fitness experts has given him an abundance of knowledge and experience to get you into the best shape of your life and make you feel your absolute best. Veer will be there to guide and support you through your health and fitness journey all along the way providing you with the latest industry knowledge through exercise and nutrition. Nothing makes him happier to see his clients achieve results and feel fantastic. He assures you in giving his best level of service every time you train with him and guarantees to achieve your results making you feel better than ever. Together let’s make a change, the time is now!


Certificate III and IV in fitness Boxing certified Kettle bell certified Vipr certified Functional movement certified Strength and Conditioning certified TRX Certified


Nutrition, Muscle Building and Body toning, Fat loss and Functional training, Training for Beginners

Nationality : Australian

Mobile : 056 975 5891

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