‘Train like an athlete; look like an athlete.’ – Nelson Suarez

During my time as a professional athlete I trained with coaches and trainers at the pinnacle of their profession. Every session was geared towards maximizing performance on game-day, testing the limits of cardiovascular endurance and muscular fitness. Combining the knowledge I gleaned from these sessions with a substantial amount of research and training certifications, I create personalized workouts that push your body to the limit of what you can achieve no matter what your level. Training with me, clients will not only reach their fitness goals but also receive better understanding of the human anatomy and feel more in control of their body. I am a firm advocate of training with the primary goal of fitness and elite achievement. As an athlete, if you are able to move and perform well, with the proper fuel plan and appropriate nutrition you will inevitably achieve the desired aesthetics as well.


- Personal Trainer Reps level 2 & 3
-Nutritional Adviser


Strength & Conditioning, Speed & Agility, Olympic & Powerlifting

Nationality : American

Mobile : 052 5196238

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